Participating in a clinical trial is an opportunity to possibly improve your quality of life and the lives of others. Although participation may or may not benefit you personally, the medications we take every day are available because of volunteers like you. Therefore, every person that takes part in a research study has contributed to improving the quality of life for others.

As a volunteer, you are playing an active role in your own health care. In addition, you may receive study medication at no cost, frequent meetings with the study doctor and compensation for your time and travel.

Remington-Davis is the most experienced, independent research center in Central Ohio. Our reputation for excellence is built upon the contribution of our many volunteers who have allowed us to successfully complete over 350 trials.

Your safety is our primary concern. We work closely with the study doctors to ensure proper medical oversight during your participation. We have a responsibility to treat each patient with dignity and as an individual human being. We believe in providing our research volunteers with care, information, respect and decency. All information provided to us is confidential and will not be shared without your permission.

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