Hamish Baird,MBA

Hamish Baird MBA

President, Director of Operations
An innovative leader with nearly 20 years of industry experience, Hamish enjoys the challenge of accepting new projects. Upon joining Remington-Davis, he managed the overall growth of outpatient drug and device operations. On and off…
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Rebecca Baird,RN

Rebecca Baird RN

Director of Training
Being the founder of this great company almost thirty years ago, she is the visionary and guide for all that we have become today. Rebecca has overseen the growth and development of Remington-Davis from a…
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Lisa Leupp,BS, CCRC

Lisa Leupp BS, CCRC

Director of Quality Assurance

Lisa has over 24 years of clinical research experience from billing and GCP compliance to IRB management; working in research at a top 10 hospital of Ohio to the development of a quality assurance program at Remington-Davis.

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Sarah Mitchell,BS, CCRC

Sarah Mitchell BS, CCRC

Regulatory Assistant
With her full-time smile and infectiously positive outlook, Sarah manages the scheduling of all doctors, monitors, and other visitors to the office. As the Regulatory Assistant, she is working on studies from conception until they…
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Haley Bakies,BS, CCRC

Haley Bakies BS, CCRC

Recruitment Specialist, Compliance & Quality Assurance Assistant
A patient and volunteer ally, and a person you need most when you least expect it, Haley recruits and schedules eligible participants for all studies. Her attention to detail, compassion, understanding of complex protocols, and…
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Heather Lee,MSN, CNP

Heather Lee MSN, CNP

Research Nurse Practitioner
After nine years and over 100 clinical trials as a Sub-Investigator, Heather knows providing care that is respectful of and responsive to the needs and values of her individual patients is foremost. She includes her…
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Diane Turnbull,MSN, CNP

Diane Turnbull MSN, CNP

Director of Business Development & Regulatory Manager
A creative bundle of energy who brings a wide breadth of experience to her role, Diane has limitless imagination. She delivers business strategy with enthusiasm, engaging with pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to inquire how…
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Jennifer Botte,BS, RN, CCRC

Jennifer Botte BS, RN, CCRC

Director of Clinical Services
Jennifer joined Remington-Davis as a bright-eyed college grad and has spent nearly 20 years helping to guide operational process development and patient care. She has oversight of all clinical trials and works with study coordinators,…
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Jennifer Notestine,CCRC, CCRP

Jennifer Notestine CCRC, CCRP

Project Manager
Vivacious and full of energy, Jenny is an integral part of how we define success. Jenny believes integrity is the value that she most identifies with, always doing the right thing, even if it’s the…
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