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At Remington-Davis, we’ve encountered thousands of volunteers over our nearly thirty-year history. Volunteers who have helped us to complete over 500 clinical trials successfully, and recognize that our team is committed to their safety and comfort first.

Volunteers are the unsung heroes that help move science forward and improve the health and well-being of people all around the world. We are so excited you are choosing to become a medical research hero!


Why Volunteer:

Participating in a clinical trial is an opportunity to possibly improve your quality of life and the lives of others. Although participation may or may not benefit you personally, the medications we take every day are available because of volunteers like you. Therefore, every person that takes part in a research study has contributed to improving the quality of life for others.

As a volunteer, you are playing an active role in your own health care. In addition, you may receive study medication at no cost, frequent meetings with the study doctor and compensation for your time and travel.

What to Expect:

Your safety is of primary concern. We work closely with the study doctors to ensure proper medical coverage and oversight during your participation. We take our responsibility seriously and believe in providing each research volunteer with care, adequate information, dignity, respect, and treating them as individual human beings.